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Reset for 2021

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No time like the present to make changes! We've jumped on board this year to do a reset around our homes. Cleaning, taking inventory, purging items and organizing in hopes of creating a space that doesn't add to the noise of everyday life (We could all use less noise, right?!). We plan to hold each other accountable for completing tasks, but also, its always fun to discuss the craziness and messiness in our homes with our best girl friends! You know what we mean--"Can you believe what I found under my couch?", "There must be people living here I haven't met with this amount of laundry!" Then, we can celebrate our efforts with a nice glass of wine and place bets on how long our houses will stay this way! 

Maybe you, too, are in the mood to "reset" your closet for 2021. We encourage you to take inventory of things you already own, things you'd like to have, and any staples you may be missing. We have curated a collection of some great basics and neutrals that are easy to pair, easy to wear, and as always, budget friendly. 

Looking for something specific to add to your closet? Send us a message and we are happy to search our vendors for you! 


Wishing you health & happiness in 2021,

Marclee & Blair


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